Finally, the honeymoon: 33 days in Japan

Sorry it took us so long to post the travel narrative of our honeymoon in Japan…those of you who know me (Bojana) well, know that things can move slowly in my universe.

After some destination changes (Turkey, Indonesia), we decided to honeymoon in Japan for all the obvious reasons Рworld-class cuisine, amazing scenery, abundant hot springs and traditional baths. But in the end, Japan stood stood out most for its fascinating culture,  intricate social graces (and occasional lack thereof), mind-boggling traditional-modern dichotomies and abundant superlatives. Here are some interesting facts:

– Raw horse is still a common meat throughout Japan (we don’t think we had any).

– The first novel in the world was published in Japan, in 1021, by a woman.

– It’s socially unacceptable to blow your nose in public, yet not uncommon to see men openly urinating in rural areas.

– Farmers grow square watermelons. Really, square – they grow them in boxes.

– Gas station attendants will bow when your car is pulling out of the station. Convenience store employees will bow when you enter and leave the store. Pretty much everyone bows for almost any reason.

– Japan has 10% of the world’s active volcanoes (over 200 total) and 70% of the country is uninhabitably mountainous.

– It’s inappropriate to show signs of affection with a loved one anywhere in public (that works great on a honeymoon), yet Japan hosts the world’s largest phallus festival.

So we went, we saw, we ate great food, backpacked through some of that amazingly mountainous terrain and bowed profusely with the best of them.



japan narrative map 2


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